Rock Energy Cooperative monitors and inspects its natural gas distribution system regularly to provide our Illinois members with safe and reliable service to heat their homes, cook their food, warm their water, and dry their clothes.

Natural gas is completely safe when used properly. But because accidents happen it's important for everyone in your home to know how to recognize a natural gas leak and learn what to do and what not to do if an emergency occurs.

Please review this information and post it on your refrigerator or other prominent location so you and your family are prepared and can remain safe in an emergency. If you have a natural gas emergency, call us at 866-752-4550. Please do not email us with reports of gas leaks because our email account is not monitored around the clock.

How can I recognize a natural gas leak?

  • By smell: Natural gas is colorless and odorless, but Rock Energy and other gas providers add a chemical that makes it smell like rotten eggs so any leaks can be easily detected.

  • By sound: A hissing or roaring sound near a gas line might be a sign of a leak.

  • By sight: If you see unexplained dead or dying grass in an area, natural gas might be leaking. Dirt or debris blowing in the air and water bubbling in a puddle, pond, or creek are other signs of leaks.

What should I do if I suspect a leak?

If you accidentally break a gas line or dig into a pipeline:

  • Immediately evaucate the area and alert everyone nearby to do the same!

  • Do not use a telephone or cell phone near the leak because that could ignite the gas.

  • When you reach a safe location, call 911 and Rock Energy at 866-752-4550.

If you smell an odor:

  • Leave the area immediately!

  • Do not use a telephone or cell phone, light a match, turn on or off any electrical switches, flashlights, garage door openers, or other appliances because an electric arc might ignite the gas.

  • Call Rock Energy at 866-752-4550 from a safe place to report the leak's location.