Co-op Members Need Your Help

COVID-19 has affected the lives of thousands of Rock Energy Cooperative members, and many are suffering financially. They've lost their jobs or had their incomes significantly reduced as businesses close temporarily and, in some cases, permanently.

Members are having difficulty making their rent or mortgage payments, providing food for their families, and paying their energy bills. They need assistance, and you can help!

You can help them get through this temporary hardship by donating to Project Lift Up, the co-op's voluntary member donation program that helps your neighbors in need. Money given to Project Lift Up helps fund Rock Cooperative Care, our program that assists Rock Energy members with their energy bills. All money donated stays right here in the community.

Just as the name suggests, Project Lift Up helps give people a financial lift. In the process of giving, your spirit also will be lifted. “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” is how we describe the program. 

Project Lift Up was designed as an easy way for members to make small monthly donations by rounding up their energy bill to the nearest dollar. Members also can choose to add a set monthly amount to their bill or make a one-time donation. Most contributions come in the form of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters when co-op members round up the amount they pay. Considered separately, that spare change might seem insignificant. But when combined with other donations, that small amount of money can make a big difference in people’s lives.

Participating is easy with four options available:

  • Round your energy bill up to the nearest whole dollar amount. If your bill is $83.23, you would pay $84, contributing 77 cents. The most you could donate would be $11.88 per year.

  • Add $1 each month to your budget billing plan. If you choose this option, your annual donation would be $12.

  • Add a set contribution each month. For example, $5 could be added to your monthly statement for an annual contribution of $60.

  • Make a one-time only donation. The amount you select will be added to your next statement.

If you already participate in the program, you can help members get through this current crisis by adding a one-time donation to your generous contribution.

For more information or to cancel at any time, call our office at 866-752-4550.