The purpose of the Natural Gas Service Manual is to briefly outline and explain REC’s process for reconnecting natural gas service that has been inactive, and the process for new installation of natural gas service to members or others who require gas meters. Initially during the process for a new installation of natural gas, the REC valve will be locked and in the “CLOSED” position. The gas regulator will be adjusted and the meter set to meet the requirements the homeowner/builder provided on the application.

The member valve at the outlet of the meter set will be plugged and placed in the “CLOSED” position with a member valve notice and seal attached. A plumber, HVAC contractor, or other qualified person must make the connection between the member piping and the member valve. Once all code requirements are met, a pressure test is completed, and a Gas Piping Statement is completed and received by REC; please alert REC that you are ready for the onsite creep test. 

Members requesting natural gas services be turned on at an existing service must fill out a Disclosure Statement for the Reconnection of Natural Gas Meters and return the form to REC. After this is received by REC, an onsite creep test will be performed. 

After a successful creep test, the REC valve will be unlocked and switched to the “OPEN” position.

NOTE: For both new and existing services, failure to pass the creep test on the first trip by REC or violation of plumbing codes will result in the gas meter stop being left locked and in the “CLOSED” position until piping issues, i.e. leaks or code violations, are resolved through the Winnebago County Plumbing Inspector (phone 815-987-3090, fax 815-319-4351). There will be a trip charge applied for a second visit from REC. 

REC is responsible for the proper delivery of natural gas to the outlet of the gas meter, i.e. the member valve. The person breaking the seal connected to the member valve and turning on the flow of natural gas must make sure that all gas piping and equipment hooked up to the piping is installed according to applicable codes and is pressure and leak tested. 

NOTE: Members planning to install underground piping must be preapproved by REC.

If you have questions or would like to discuss the service installation, please contact REC at (866) 752-4550.  

Download a copy of the Natural Gas Service Manual