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Don't let energy vampires drain your wallet

You probably have vampires in your home right now? These energy vampires aren’t after your blood, but they’re taking a bite out of your wallet. We’re talking about all those appliances and electronics that use electricity even after you turn them off.

The typical home has 30 to 50 energy vampires. Getting rid of them could save you as much as 10 percent on your electricity bill.

If an electrical device has a continuous display, like a digital clock, if it charges batteries, like your mobile phone charger, or if it has a remote control, like your TV—it’s a vampire and is using energy as long as it's plugged in. Instead of unplugging things you’re not using, invest in some smart power strips. They do the work for you by automatically shutting down at a set time or during a period of inactivity.

Top 10 energy vampires

  1. TVs
  2. Computers
  3. Video game consoles
  4. Surround sound systems
  5. Chargers for cell phones and other electronics
  6. Satellite and cable TV boxes
  7. DVD players
  8. Printers
  9. Microwaves
  10. Coffeemakers

Other culprits

  • Toasters
  • Toaster ovens
  • Electric razors
  • Electric toothbrushes
  • Hair dryers
  • Electric power tools
  • Any appliances with an LED display
  • Any electronics with a light
  • Any device that has a charger

Tips to help you save money while saving energy

When you save energy, you also save money. It's that simple.

Tactics to save energy come in all shapes and sizes, including steps you can take today at no cost.

Touchstone Energy, a nationwide alliance of energy cooperatives, provides several brochures to help you save both energy and money.