Rock Energy Scholarships

Rock Energy Cooperative offers scholarships of $1,000 to graduating high school seniors who enroll at an accredited school. Students whose parents or guardians are active members of REC are eligible. Since 1989, Rock Energy has awarded more than $167,000 in financial aid to deserving students. Also, beginning in 2024, Rock Energy scholarship recipients are eligible to possibly receive a second-year $1,000 scholarship if they meet certain criteria. The second-year scholarship information and eligibility criteria will be provided to 2024 scholarship winners after they are selected.

2024 scholarship application is now closed.


Meet the 2023 scholarship winners by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please email Jonas Berberich or call him at 866-752-4550.

Illinois cooperatives offer college scholarships

Every year Illinois electric cooperatives award seven academic scholarships of $2,000 each through the Thomas H. Moore Illinois Electric Cooperatives (IEC) Memorial Scholarship Program. Four scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who are the sons or daughters of an Illinois electric cooperative member receiving service from the cooperative. A fifth scholarship, the Earl W. Struck Memorial Scholarship, is awarded to a student who is the son or daughter of a co-op employee. The sixth and seventh scholarships are reserved for students enrolling full-time at a two-year Illinois community college who are the sons or daughters of co-op members, employees, or directors.