Rock Energy Cooperative workers are always careful on the job, but they appreciate clear paths to meters, transformers, and other co-op equipment on your property. Keep  firewood, snowdrifts, and other obstacles away from meters and other equipment. This will ensure a safe environment for workers.

If snow covers part of any pipe(s), your furnace probably will continue to work, but the exhaust could begin to back up into your home. That exhaust contains carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. High levels of carbon monoxide in your home can lead to sickness and even cause death. When exposing the meter and pipes, avoid using a snow blower. Instead, gently remove snow and ice from the area with your hands or a shovel.

Remember to clear snow away from furnace intake and exhaust pipes. These pipes on the outside of your house are sometimes just a few inches off the ground and can be buried by snowdrifts.