Warning: Don't use third-party payment websites

Warning: Don't use third-party payment websites

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Members have many options when it’s time to pay their Rock Energy bill, but co-op officials recommend avoiding third-party payment processing websites.

The co-op has received calls from members concerned that they received late fees because their bills were not paid in a timely basis through a website called doxo.

Doxo pops up if you use a web browser to search for Rock Energy bill payment. When members click on the doxo site, they are taken to a web page that has the Rock Energy logo, address, phone number, and email link. Doxo, however, is not affiliated with Rock Energy.

Often, these third-party sites charge additional service fees and do not always make the payment on the same day, which could result in your payment being late and your power being disconnected.

Rock Energy is not affiliated with any third-party payment service. However, we help our members simplify their bill-paying experience by offering a wide range of payment options.

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