State Senator Recognized at Rock Energy Office

State Senator Recognized at Rock Energy Office

Wisconsin State Senator Janis Ringhand (15th District) was recently at Rock Energy’s Janesville, WI, office to be recognized for her support, commitment and service to Wisconsin’s electric cooperatives and all its consumer members. At the co-op’s June board meeting, Ringhand was presented with a "Champion of Electric Cooperatives" award by Rock Energy CEO Shane Larson, on behalf of the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association (WECA).

Rock Energy was happy to step in and assist with the presentation of the "Champion of Electronic Cooperatives" award after the original program was canceled due to COVID.

Rock Energy CEO Shane Larson, left, recognizes Wis. State Senator Janis Ringhand at the REC Janesville, WI office.

Since her election to the Assembly in 2010 and subsequent election to the Senate in 2014, Senator Ringhand has understood that cooperatives can play a very important role in rural communities. She has been an advocate of electric cooperatives and,  when called upon, has supported Wisconsin cooperative's efforts to improve how they operate and help communities.

Ringhand was also the #2 sponsor on legislation - Wisconsin Act 5 - that now legally allows cooperatives to hold virtual annual meetings during times of emergency. Cooperatives needed the change to mitigate potential lawsuits and the voidance of cooperative business decisions. Senator Ringhand stepped up and offered to help. It’s no secret that politics can be a very partisan game, so it was refreshing to see Senator Ringhand join a Republican trio of legislators to usher this bill through the legislature and provide us the statutory fix that cooperatives were seeking.

In addition, Senator Ringhand is supporting legislation this session that will help map and eradicate wild parsnip in the state, a very invasive and dangerous plant for our employees working on the lines.