Rescheduled annual meeting will be business only

Rescheduled annual meeting will be business only

Rock Energy Cooperative has always taken great pride in its annual meetings. Hundreds of members gather every year to elect directors to serve on the board, learn about the co-op’s finances, and hear reports from officers.

But it’s usually more than just taking care of business. It’s an event where neighbors can catch up with old acquaintances, make new friends, and enjoy a delicious dinner to celebrate the bond they share—being a member of the Rock Energy family.

Shane L. Larson
More Power to You
Shane L. Larson,
Chief Executive Officer

Unfortunately, the annual meeting on Monday, Oct. 5—like many events throughout the nation and world—will be different this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 84th annual meeting was originally scheduled for March 30 but was postponed to protect the health and safety of our members, our employees, and the community. At its May meeting, the board of directors made the difficult decision to scale back this year’s annual meeting because it’s difficult to predict what the coming months will bring.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 5, at the Eclipse Center in Beloit. It will be a business meeting only and is expected to last about 30 minutes. There will be no dinner served, no scholarships presented, no guest speakers, and no kids’ entertainment.

We know this will be a disappointment to many members who look forward to our “normal” annual event. But we believe this is the best route to take.  While the meeting will be scaled back, we invite you to come out and participate in the meeting to help do important business of the cooperative.

Member Appreciation Day canceled

At its May meeting, the board also decided to cancel this year’s Member Appreciation Day, which usually takes place in September. This year would have been the 20th annual celebration.

The idea for Member Appreciation Day took shape shortly after I arrived at the co-op back in 2000. We had our annual meeting every spring, but that’s always a more formal event with speeches, elections, and other important business that needs to be conducted.

On Oct. 13, 2001, we had our first Member Appreciation Day, or MAD as we affectionally refer to it. The annual event focused on members—young and old—having fun and allowed the co-op’s directors and employees to express their gratitude to all our great members.

Even though we won’t have an official Member Appreciation Day celebration in 2020, I want you to know that we appreciate our members every single day.

West Riverside Energy Center operating

Electricity is now flowing from the West Riverside Energy Center in Beloit Township. (See story on page 18.) Rock Energy partnered with Alliant Energy in construction of the highly efficient natural gas facility and has 3.4 percent ownership of it. This partnership will help us control our electric power costs and represents an opportunity for our members to benefit financially for many years.

The new power plant is part of Alliant Energy’s long-term transition to a cleaner energy mix. It will emit less than half the carbon dioxide, about two-thirds less nitrogen, and 99 percent less sulfur and mercury than traditional coal-fired facilities. An integrated solar field will allow clean energy from the sun to be delivered to the natural gas facility and offset its auxiliary power needs.

As we continue living a new reality in light of the coronavirus pandemic, please remember that everyone here at Rock Energy values you as a member. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve our service to you.

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