NOTICE: Change in daily bill amount

NOTICE: Change in daily bill amount

NOTICE: Change in daily bill amount

Extreme temperatures drove gas prices up substantially the week of Feb. 14-20. This increase caused a noticeable change in our PREPAY members' daily bill amount.

For more information about why the cost of gas increased, CLICK HERE.  

Should you need a prepaid payment arrangement, please contact us ahead of time at 866-752-4550.


PrePay Q & A:

Question: I was notified that my pre-paid account increased $100, will I experience a $100 charge every day with the higher gas prices?

Answer: No.  The amount due was to bring your account into balance with the large, sudden price increases the co-op is experiencing on procuring your natural gas supply.  Basically, this was a one-time jump to true-up your account.  Had we delayed the true-up, the amount would have been much, much higher later in the month.  For at least the remainder of the month, your daily charges will be higher than your recent past, so please budget accordingly. Unless natural gas prices skyrocket again, it is highly unlikely that you will experience another large true-up. 


Question:  How did this happen? 

Answer:  With the cold and ice impacting all regions of the Midwest, including the deep south, natural gas producers and pipelines were not able to deliver normal volumes of gas.  With limited supply and very high demand, prices reached record levels at certain locations.


Question:  How long will this last?

Answer:  Gas prices have gone down now that the temperatures have gone up.