If your health relies on electricity, prepare a backup plan

If your health relies on electricity, prepare a backup plan

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Power outages can turn deadly for people who use life-sustaining medical equipment that requires a consistent source of electricity.

Rock Energy Cooperative is committed to providing members with reliable energy service, but it’s impossible for us to guarantee uninterrupted power at all times. Outages caused by severe storms, vehicle accidents, tree limbs, animals, equipment failure, or other problems could leave you without power for hours or, in very rare cases, days.

If someone in your household depends on a respirator, oxygen concentrator, ventilator, or other life-support equipment, make sure you have an emergency backup plan.

Before an emergency arises, Rock Energy suggests the following:

  • Obtain a backup source of power recommended by the manufacturer of any critical care equipment you have in your home. For example, battery backups or portable generators can provide you with the electricity you need until power can be restored. (Learn more about portable generators.)
  • Keep a full charge on battery-operated devices or have extra batteries available. Check your backup batteries periodically. Unused rechargeable batteries may need charging.
  • Consider buying a portable battery pack that can supply hours of backup power.
  • Keep your cell phone charged so you can call for help and be reached by family and friends concerned about your well-being.
  • Have a plan. Talk to relatives or friends about places you can go in the event of a long-term outage.


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