Do you plan to increase electric load?

Do you plan to increase electric load?

Are you planning to purchase an electric vehicle and charge it at home or build an addition to your home? Perhaps add a fan or two to cool the livestock? Is your business buying new machinery that will use electricity?

If the answers to any of these questions are “yes,” please include Rock Energy Cooperative in the planning process.

Co-op facilities are designed to meet an individual member’s initial load requirement at the time service is started. If that load is significantly increased, the capacity of the present system might not be sufficient to handle it.

When that happens, the system becomes overloaded and there’s a power outage. An overloaded system also can damage the co-op’s transformers or your electrical equipment, which might lead to expensive repairs.

Our equipment often can handle an overload for a while, but its life span will decrease significantly when the rated capacity is exceeded over an extended period of time. That means additional costs for the co-op and may result in the member paying for the damaged co-op equipment.   

So if you’re planning to increase your electric load, please call our Operations Department at 866-752-4550. Our workers will gather the needed information and determine whether the capacity of the present equipment is adequate. In situations where a significant amount of new load will be added, we might need to install larger service equipment or make other changes.

One simple call can save you from an unplanned outage and paying for costly damage to your equipment or the co-op’s. Please make sure you notify us as far in advance as possible to ensure that the required service upgrade will be available when you need it.

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