Cooperative difference helps you save money

Cooperative difference helps you save money

At Rock Energy, our employees live the cooperative difference every day and work tirelessly to keep your energy flowing. But as a co-op member, you receive more than just safe, reliable, and affordable energy from us.

Shane L. Larson
Shane L. Larson
Chief Executive Officer

We make a difference in many ways—awarding scholarships to deserving students, sponsoring a school supplies drive for needy families, distributing capital credits to members, and helping members save money with the Co-op Connections Card, which is about to get better than ever.

Co-op Connections Card

We introduced the Co-op Connections Card in 2008 because we wanted to help you save money and get the best deals on your purchases. This member-benefit program gives Rock Energy members access to thousands of deals through Touchstone Energy. The little card, which is given to all our members, represents big savings.

Since we launched the program, our members have saved more than $143,000 on prescription drugs. Nationwide, $100 million has been saved. This is real, in-the-pocket money for co-op members throughout the country.

The program still includes prescription savings and discounts on vision, dental, hearing, lab imaging, and chiropractic care. But now you can also get 2-for-1 restaurant deals, discounted movie and event tickets, national partner deals, hotel discounts, cash-back online shopping, and savings tracking.

Technology is always advancing, and members are more connected to their cell phones and tablets than ever before. That’s why the new and improved Co-op Connections has a mobile app and has grown beyond the card.

To learn more about the upgraded program, watch this quick overview video. The new program also is explained in more detail here. If you have any other questions, just give us a call.

Here at Rock Energy, we’re always looking for ways to better serve our members. Offering Co-op Connections is just one of the many ways that we bring you the cooperative difference. Go beyond the card and find all the ways to save! 

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