Brighten your holiday with safety

Brighten your holiday with safety

210 fires annually are caused by holiday treesDon’t let the colorful sparkle of the holiday season distract you from staying safe when decorating.

Remember to practice these safety tips:

  • Before decorating, read and follow the manufacturers’ instructions concerning installation and maintenance of all decorative electrical products.
  • Use lights and other electrical decorations certified by a recognized, independent testing laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratory (UL).
  • Use lights certified for outdoor use only for outdoor use. 
  • Carefully inspect cords and wires before plugging them into a socket. Cracked, frayed, loose or bare wires may cause a serious electric shock or start a fire.
  • If you are decorating with an artificial tree, make sure you choose one with fire resistance protection.
  • With a real tree, make sure that the needles are green and sturdy with a trunk that is sticky with resin. These are indicators that your tree is well-hydrated. Keep your tree stand filled with water so the tree does not become dry and present a fire hazard.
  • Never place your tree near heat-emitting devices, such as space heaters or radiators, which can become fire hazards. The National Fire Protection Association reports that an annual average of 210 home fires are caused by Christmas tree mishaps.
  • When decorating outside, always be sure to look up and double check that you and any equipment, such as a ladder or a light strand, are a minimum of 10 feet away from overhead power lines.
  • Be sure to turn off all lights before leaving the home or going to sleep. A timer can help you do this.

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