Badger Vet - Moving Forward

Badger Vet - Moving Forward

Badger Vet is Powering On & Moving Forward

A Rock Energy Cooperative member since 2001, Badger Veterinary Hospital prides itself on providing high-level care and service for its clients in Janesville and surrounding communities.

Throughout most of the past year, Badger Vet, like most companies, has had to make some drastic changes to the way they conduct their day-to-day operations. Two things were certain at Badger Vet when the pandemic arrived in 2020: 1) Business must continue; and 2) How they conduct business must change.


Pictured (L to R): Dr. Servantez examines Lenny (dog) with help from Haley Brazil; Badger Vet from the sky; and Amy Finn takes calls at the office in Janesville, WI.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way many businesses operate, and it has most definitely affected the way veterinary medicine is practiced. Similar to other medical professionals, veterinarians have had to adjust with curbside visits, telemedicine, and social distancing guidelines when assessing and treating patients.

Even though the pandemic has caused a number of setbacks for many businesses and individuals, specifically restricting travel and social gatherings, DVM Steven Servantez says Badger Vet has actually been busier than normal. Not only has Badger Vet maintained their usual high-quality service over the last year, they’ve actually accelerated forward.

“Appointments have increased since COVID started, as adoption rates at the humane societies in the state have skyrocketed,” said Servantez. “The Covid-19 pandemic has not hindered our business, it has actually caused an increase in care for pets.”

A very timely and helpful new building addition was finished in early February. The welcome addition gives them three new exam rooms, including a private room away from the rest of the clinic traffic for euthanasia or counseling of clients and patients.

Adapting For Continued Reliable Service

Masks are now mandated for everyone in the hospital. Cleaning, although always a priority, has been doubled to protect all personnel, says Servantez. They have also implemented curbside pickup for medications and appointments.

“Many clients find the curbside pickup as a bonus,” he said. “They can go run errands while their pet is safe inside being attended to. We do allow clients in, with masks and temperatures taken, on a need-be basis, by appointment only.”

CURBSIDE PICKUP: 15 designated pickup parking stalls at the facility are marked with signs. When an owner pulls into the hospital, they call the posted phone number. A certified veterinary technician asks for all pertinent information about the visit. A masked Badger employee comes out and brings the pet into the building for the appointment. Consultation by phone is made with the attending veterinarian. When the appointment is finished, the Badger employee returns the pet to the client.

“Clients have learned the procedure quickly, and we anticipate that we will continue to use curbside in the future after the pandemic is over,” said Servantez. “It is convenient for elderly and disabled clients. Clients who need to get a quick errand done find it very convenient as well.”

Curbside pickup is just one of the ways Badger Vet has been able to maintain reliable service — and that, along with a lot of personal touch said Servantez, are both absolutely critical to their overall mission.

“The biggest service we offer is empathy and genuinely caring about your pet,” said Servantez. “All of us have our own pets and realize that these are not just animals, but are members of someone’s family. We fall in love with them and cry with them. We love our profession!”

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