Avoid winter surprises with Budget Billing

Avoid winter surprises with Budget Billing

Budget payments recalculated this month

Budget billing graphic
This graphic shows how Budget Billing
evens out your monthly energy bills.

As we approach the winter heating season, now would be a good time to enroll in Rock Energy's Budget Billing program, says Stephanie Cammelot, consumer accounting supervisor.

The program allows members to pay the same amount each month, avoiding higher than anticipated bills if the weather is exceptionally cold.

About 1,300 co-op members are currently enrolled in Budget Billing. They will see their monthly payments change with the statements they receive in November as their budget amounts are recalculated. Budgets are recalculated twice a year—in October and April—to help ensure that the amount you pay is similar to your true usage. We’ll average the amount of energy you used in the previous 12 months to determine your new budget payment.

Also taken into consideration is whether you had a credit or if your budget payment didn’t quite cover the amount of energy used in the previous six months. Depending on your actual usage, your future budget amount could increase or decrease.

You are eligible for Budget Billing if you have received service from the co-op for at least six months and have a good credit history. Then you can pay your monthly bill however you choose—cash, check, credit card, mail, in person, drop box, kiosk. Or better yet, sign up for Auto Pay to fully automate your energy payments, assuring that you’ll never pay a late fee.

If you would like more information on these programs or want to sign up, please call Member Services at 866-752-4550 between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday or email us.

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