Beware of Utility Scams

Look Out for Utility Scams 

Rock Energy Cooperative has been made aware of active utility related scams in some of our service areas. Please be aware that scammers may pose as utility company employees and other "energy savers" to try to get your money or valuables or sensitive information for identity theft. In the most common utility con, which happens every winter and during peak air-conditioning season, customers get phone calls warning that their service is about to be shut off because of unpaid bills. The callers claim to be billing representatives from your utility company but are actually scammers looking for a quick payoff. They may say something like, “to avoid an immediate shutoff, you need to settle an overdue bill by providing us with your CC number or a prepaid debit card.

Some utility impostors also may demand payment for several months' worth of purported unpaid utility service, not just one, as is usually custom. Look out, because these deceptive goons can be convincing. They may use "spoofing" software that lets them falsely display the name and phone number of your utility company on your Caller ID. But you should know that utilities will mail at least one, if not several, past-due notices before terminating service. If you get a cancellation notification (especially by phone), always verify it by dialing the customer service number on your utility bill. Don't give any information to the caller. If you have any questions regarding the legitimacy of a call, do not provide the caller with any information. Hang up and call us at 866-752-4550. Remember that if you didn't make the call, you really don't know who is on the other end of the line.