2021 REC Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2021 scholarship winners! Rock Energy Cooperative has awarded 15 scholarships to local high school students. Each student will receive $1,000 totaling $15,000. Students whose parents or guardians are members of

Rock Energy Cooperative were eligible to apply. Funds for the scholarships come from unclaimed capital credits. Since 1989, the co-op has awarded more than $137,000 in financial aid to deserving students.

These young scholars possess the qualities that will help them succeed in their college studies, as well as their future professions. They have participated in dozens of school clubs, competed in sports, performed in band and theater, worked on 4-H and scouting projects, and joined church groups.

Even with all those extra-curricular activities, they still found time to volunteer with community organizations and work to gain experience in their chosen field of study and help fund their college education. Here’s a brief introduction to the winners with excerpts from their applications:

August Pautsch
High School: Parkview
College: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Career Goal: “My educational plans include going to college for a Secondary Education major and, if possible, double majoring with chemistry or minoring in chemistry. My career plans are to become a high school science teacher. I want to become a teacher to help students learn and understand the world so they can further themselves as individuals.”



Lena Seyfarth
High School: Edgerton
College: Tulane Univ. or Arizona St. Univ.-Barrett

Career Goal: “I plan to major in Cell and Molecular Biology or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the honors program of the school I attend. After I complete my undergraduate degree, I plan to further pursue my education and earn a PhD in Genetics. I hope to one day become a scientific researcher focused on genetic and infectious diseases.”



Logan Knudsen
High School: Milton
College: University of Wisconsin-Stout

Career Goal: “There are many routes I could go in life, but right now my top focus is on finding a government internship with an entity like the State Department, where I can utilize my learning of Russian and hopefully my future political science, Pre-Law, or national security degree. I also wouldn’t mind going into the military, specifically the Air Force, for a period of time before finding a political or government profession.”



Lucille Jaloszynski
High School: Milton
College: Michigan Technological University

Career Goal: “I plan to finish my bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering, job shadow or volunteer in the medical fi eld, then apply to and attend medical school. At the moment I am thinking of going into sports medicine or obstetrics/pediatrics.”



Todd Myers
High School: Milton
College: University of Pennsylvania

Career Goal: “I ultimately plan to pursue a graduate education and work in advanced practice, either as an advanced practice registered nurse, or doctor of medicine. Nursing/medical specialties that interest me include maternal-fetal medicine (nursemidwifery), anesthesiology (nurse anesthesia), general or plastic surgery (perioperative nursing), pathology, and hematology/oncology. I feel that each of these specialties is rewarding in its own way, and I will focus my goals more as I further my education.”


Andrew Himmelmann
High School: Turner
College: University of Wisconsin-Plattville

Career Goal: “My plans after high school are to go to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and major in mechanical engineering. Once graduated, I plan on pursuing a career in mechanical design. With this scholarship, I can continue to pursue those interests in college and enter the workforce to contribute to society and make the world a better place.”



Guinivere Hausser
High School: Rock County Christian
College: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Career Goal: “I hope to graduate in four years from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I also plan to acquire an internship to gain some business experience before graduating from college. After college, I plan to manage a sector of a business and eventually work my way up to becoming the CEO of a business.”

Abigail Nass
High School: Clinton
College: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Career Goal: “I plan to go to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to major in accounting and minor in project management. I plan to get my CPA for accounting as well. Once these are obtained, I plan to work for my father’s business, Ideal Midwest, as the Accountant/Project Manager.”


Amara Thean
High School: Craig
College: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Career Goal: “I will take required classes to get into the nursing program at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I intend to major in nursing and minor in either nutrition or psychology. After pursing an undergraduate degree in nursing, I planned to further my education and become a pediatric nurse. I would really like to pursue a career in nursing, because I like medicine and helping people out, especially the youth, to get better.”


Aleda Lee
High School: Dakota
College: University of Dubuque

Career Goal: “This summer, I will finish my Associates Degree at Highland, and I will transfer to the University of Dubuque in the fall. At the University of Dubuque, I will get my Bachelors Degree in accounting. Then, I will study more in order to get my CPA. I am hoping to get a higher accounting position at a company.”


Leah Wicklund
High School: Hononegah
College: University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Career Goal: “My fi rst goal would be to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. I would like to work in a larger healthcare organization for the beginning of my career. I feel that I can gain a lot of varied experience in this setting. As my career advances, I would like to get training to become a Mid-Wife.”




Finley Hamilton
High School: Hononegah
College: Undecided

Career Goal: “As a teenager, some people may find it difficult to choose  a career; however, I am very excited about the plans I have chosen for my future academic and career goals. I plan to pursue a major in communications with a focus in digital media communications or public relations, along with a minor in environmental science. Upon completing my undergraduate degree, I plan on attending law school to specialize in corporate or environmental law. As a Communications major I hope to use the skills I learn to help my future career goals to attend law school and become an attorney.”


Malavika Menon
High School: Hononegah
College: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Career Goal: “I would like to pursue a Business degree in Marketing, with a possible minor in Pre-Law or Social Work, and then attend law school. This scholarship award will get me one step closer to going to a prestigious business school that will prepare me for my academic future
in the law field.”



Erin Graminske
High School: South Beloit
College: Rockford University

Career Goal: “I plan on attending Rockford University in the fall of 2021. Academically, I will be considered a Junior because I am currently in the Running Start program provided by Rock Valley College. I would like to major in secondary education with a focus on history. Then, ideally it would be nice to begin studying for my masters degree after I receive my bachelors in education from either Rockford University or another school. During this time, I would like to be working in a school district so I could gain experience and be able to provide for myself. I see myself working in the same school district for a number of years, unless something in my life changes.”